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Air Freight

If time is of the essence, send it by Air Freight

Choose Air Freight to get your cargo from A to B fast!

Whether you are moving cargo to or from New Zealand, we offer a fast and efficient air freight and air cargo service. There are several things to consider with Air Freight:


These are the different types of Air Freight containers you can use to send goods. These vary in terms of capacity, dimension, price and weight to volume ratio, and your requirements will be determined by what you wish to send.

Air Freight, Air Cargo or Courier

We can advise which is more cost-effective depending on your particular requirements.

Airline Schedules

These vary, and the urgency of your delivery timeframe will determine the flexibility, i.e. whether it goes on the first flight, the next best or next cheapest connection or a consol service.

Cost and Time

This consideration will depend on your timeframe and destination. For example, Trans-Tasman it might be more cost-effective to send by sea freight than air freight unless you’re on a very tight schedule.

Delicate Goods

Dangerous items, or restricted cargo may require dedicated monitoring, handling or special freight conditions.

The sky isn’t the limit – it’s the quickest way from A to B.

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Mike Newton, Pegasus Owner

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