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International Shipping

Export from New Zealand to the World

International Worldwide Shipping – We’ve got you covered

There is a lot to consider when exporting and we can help you get it right.

Export Documentation

You have got to get the appropriate export documentation sorted out.


Marine insurance is another point you will want to consider to protect your assets and investments while they are in transit.

Sea Freight vs Air Freight

Depending on the export goods and your timeframe for delivery, there are several sea freight or air freight options to consider.

We’ve been in the industry for decades.

Call us to find out how we can make your export venture as smooth as possible for you.

Why Choose Us?

Because with us, your freight is in good hands.

Export Documentation

Getting your head around the customs paperwork can be daunting – We will get your paperwork wrapped up and ready for export clearance.

Expert Advice

We’re not just a shipping agency. We will find the best option for your specific needs and make sure your export runs as smoothly as possible.

Drawback & Insurance

We can determine whether you are eligible for a tax refund on the items you are exporting and help you find the best insurance cover for your needs.

“Problems are a solution in disguise”

Mike Newton, Pegasus Owner

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